About Me

Lord of the Rhyme doesn’t consider himself to be a poet, but rather a man of verse. Putting people’s feelings and thoughts into words is more than just a job to him, it is a labour of love. Peter feels each verse he writes and it is this emotive process that enables him to achieve the desired result, which is to create an emotional impacted exclusive gift that will be treasured for a lifetime.

Peter is also the author of Divine Rhythm (see below). This book has been a catalyst for change in his life, bringing an infusion of joy and a much leaner physique as an added bonus. Peter hopes that by bringing it to your attention and getting it out into the public domain, it will do the same for YOU……

Divine Rhythm

Divine Rhythm - Joy Inducing Fat ReducingIn the midst of society’s obsession with weight and appearance, there seems to be a huge gap between rhetoric and reality. We are constantly bombarded with conflicting advice. Divine Rhythm reveals a different approach and provides insights and guidelines that will cross the bridge between two worlds.

One of weight loss and a world of joy. This book holds within its pages the seeds to facilitate a slimmer, healthier and more joyful version of you. Fat loss has never been so much fun. Divine Rhythm is an invigorating uplifting method in which you will take great delight in losing weight while smiling, laughing and having fun. By injecting joy into your life, you inoculate yourself against innumerable afflictions, the greatest of these being stress. There is a vast difference between an exercise that is stressful and one purely joyful. Feeling stressed while exercising can be counter-productive to achieving your goals. A workout should not feel like a punishment, there is no point in making unrealistic demands upon your body. What is needed is to find a movement that actually makes you feel good. For this reason any exercise needs to be enjoyable and exhilarating as opposed to painful and exhausting. A new approach is needed.

Engaging in an activity that is exhilarating in itself brings with it far more longevity than one undertaken for the sole purpose of weight loss. Whatever you do has to be sustainable. Many fail in their endeavour to lose weight due to a lack of consistency. The Divine Rhythm is natural way to both access and express joy. For this reason you look forward to it rather than look for excuses to avoid it. Elements of fun and joy are entwined within its rhythm and for that reason you’ll keep on doing it. It isn’t to be pursued just because it’s different, but because it will create a difference in you. Set aside any preconceived notions you may have and read this book with a childlike curiosity and wonder. Marching to a different beat will no doubt cause one or two quizzical eyebrows to be raised. Read the book in its entirety and then verify its efficiency by following the guidelines within.

This is the only proof you will need.

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