Speeches in Verse (£6 per verse)


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Bespoke written Speeches for all special occasions (Price is Per Verse)

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Here is an Example:

40 Today

Today’s a very special day, it’s the one when Jade turns forty,
yet it only seems like yesterday, when she was young and rather naughty.
When Jade was in her teens, we thought she was possessed,
her mother said, “She’s like that child, who was in the Exorcist.”

We sent her to a convent school, where she was made to pray each day,
but even prayers couldn’t change Jade, so the nuns sent her away.
Jade is her own woman, will always speak her mind.
Doesn’t put on airs or graces, it’s take me as you find.

She may be my sweet daughter, but made her brothers seem quite camp,
as she ripped the yellow pages, and was crowned arm wrestling champ.
Now that Jade is middle aged, I know that she will worry,
about losing those youthful looks, but they wont go in a hurry.

The wrinkles will increase, around the eyes and mouth,
those assets that were once so firm, will soon be heading south.
You could always try the botox, or the surgeons knife,
to try and keep that pretty face, that you’ve had all your life.

Yet that doesn’t really matter, for true beauty resides in you,
it’s in the loving things you say, and those wonderful things you do.
If families could be hand-picked, i’d still choose you for my daughter,
it’s as easy to love you, as for a duck to sit on water.

We hope you’ve had a good night, you’ve a great husband and lovely son,
don’t worry about getting old….. the best is yet to come.
Well I think i’ve said enough, so i’ll bring this to an end,
please stand and raise your glasses, to toast Jade our daughter and friend.


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